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In Memeverse, nothing is more important than popularity. As George, a newborn meme, searches for fame, he's thrown into a deadly conflict between a rising fascist government and violent resistance forces. Meta, irreverent, and fully immersed in internet culture: in Memeverse, nothing is what it seems at first.

Poster Design by Cavan Hendron

In Fairness

In a secluded community, the criminal are sentenced to take care of the very ill inside the mysterious room known as Fairness. DC, convicted of murder, must wait in the holding area right outside of Fairness. No one besides the administrators have ever exited, so with each passing day, DC can only imagine what awaits for him In Fairness.

Opulence: A Superhero Play

When the Revolution strikes, what becomes of superheroes? After shielding supervillain Janie Myer, AKA The Geiger from the retribution of “justice,” the Hero is captured by revolutionaries. He must choose between joining the Revolution or a public execution for his most serious crime: Opulence.

Evanesce, or
The Tragedy of Medea

Evanesce is a mansion where everything seems to fade. Paint. Love. Memories. People. In this reimagining of the classic Medea myth, Pelias's daughters set out for revenge against Medea and Jason, the two actors responsible for their father's death. Yet there's another presence in this horrid house, one that threatens all inside.

The Prince's Richard

A conservative news host reacts to and dissects an interview with the Prince of England about his Richard.

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When young wolves Ezra and Wisty wake a sleeping Wolf Prince, they embark on a quest to put him back on the forest throne. All that stands in their way are bunnies, bears, kings, and queens. They discover that their happy life was not what it seemed, and that  being brave doesn't always mean being unafraid.
Premiered October 18-20 at Western Kentucky University.

WKU Poster
Three Wolves Howling - WKU 2019
Three Wolves Howling - WKU 2019
Three Wolves Howling - WKU 2019
Three Wolves Howling - WKU 2019
Three Wolves Howling - WKU 2019
Three Wolves Howling - WKU 2019
Three Wolves Howling - WKU 2019

Spotting Thermals

Tinnitus, Static, and Him

An up-and-coming alcoholic, Detective Isabelle Ellis, sets out to solve the murders of a group of teenaged boys dropped from incredible heights.

What's real? Luca Levi is writing a solo show for his undergrad theatre major. That's the question he builds it around as he spends his days hallucinating. Songs turn to droning rings. Movies are static. Hands touch him out of nowhere, and nightmares come to life. He struggles to find his voice and his reality, though to do so, he'll have to dive into his alcoholism and battle the awful demons hiding beneath.

No Smoking, Please

From supervillains to stand-up to possession, an actor attempts to weave the metaphors of his poisonous, joyful relationship with the stage and performing. A one-act solo show.

Pee Hot, or
The St. Agnes Fiasco

A doctor and nurse must determine if a man's hot pee qualifies as a superpower or not.

Written Work

I've been writing ever since I was in the second grade. Middle school was when I finished writing my first book, a YA sci-fi romp about an intergalactic serial killer named Bobby. It's an... interesting read to say the least. I haven't stopped writing since.

I write fiction, poetry, songs, plays, and musicals!

Find my work on New Play Exchange: Jarred Corona | New Play Exchange

For performance inquiries, please contact me at



"The Consequences of Being Colorblind" - WKU Zephyrus Magazine, 2020

"Fishbowl" - WKU Zephyrus Magazine, 2020

"Oscar Isaac Wore a Hat" - FreezeRay Poetry, 2020

"'The Weeping Woman,' by Pablo Picasso" - FreezeRay Poetry, 2020

"Plaster Bunnies and Cannibal Ducks"

                                                     - WKU Zephyrus Magazine, 2020

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